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The Importance of Idioms.

For many ESL learners, using idioms can be scary and cause anxiety. And in a pressured environment like the IELTS exam trying to think of a suitable idiom is extremely difficult. The key to using idioms is familiarity. Let's consider the following expression.

We all know the literal meaning of a piece of cake - a delicious, mouthwatering piece of cheesecake or chocolate cake, maybe served with some ice cream. Hmmm, Yummy.

But of course, this is also an idiom to express something is easy.

When you understand the idiom's meaning, it's essential that you use the phrase correctly in context.

In the long speech section (part 2), you may be asked to describe a person.

It's important to think about using this idiom when describing a person.

For example:

Describe a friend you had since childhood = John was a childhood friend who lived just four doors away from me. It was a piece of cake to visit his home, and he and I became firm friends.

Describe a movie star whose movies you enjoy watching. = Bruce Lee was an excellent martial artist. He was so elegant and graceful in his movement. He often had to fight against 5-10 people, and his style made it look like a piece of cake.

Describe a teacher from your high school. = Mr Jones was my history teacher. He was a very passionate man that inspired me to learn more about history. He made even the most difficult topics seem like a piece of cake.

When you master the ability to use the idiom in context, you are much more likely to remember to include it in your speech.

If you need help with Idioms, I have prepared a few documents with several common idioms for you to practice.

Drop me a message to receive them by email or on social media.

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